Why Event Awards Matter

Effective Business Events Blog   •   31th January 2019

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At Effective Business Events and Travel we like to think about what our events mean. We think about how each element combines to make an unforgettable evening for all involved. One of the most important aspects, and often overlooked, are the event awards themselves. We speak with Creative Awards, designers and manufacturers of bespoke awards, about what inspires their designs and how their bespoke awards are made.

Why Awards are more than the sum of their parts?

Awards and trophies have been a staple part of events and gala dinners for decades. The small, or not so small, pieces of metal, glass and acrylic take on a very different meaning when assembled into a beautiful award. Awards have an emotional aspect and create emotional responses within the recipient. Representing celebration, hard-work and spirit both for the recipient and the giver – the receiving of an award is always tied to an emotion. Furthermore, the award itself captures and distills both the brand and the ceremony in a memorable object that can be treasured. The award or trophy represents the brand in the sense that it recognises the achievements of the company or individual. It’s linked to the ceremony be it an external industry wide event or a gala held internally within the company.

The Design Process

Our award design is an organic process that we build from the ground up. For bespoke awards, we work closely with the company who commissions the award to match their brief and branding and to create something special. We start by deconstructing the spirit of the brand – what it means and what it represents. We also look at the icons, motifs within the branding to draw from elements that constitute the company’s image. Within each award, regardless of the industry or the company, we want to make sure that they are unique and personal. Something that relates to the company or event and captures both.


Depending on the client, we either work from an existing design – offering advice on the practicalities of producing the award or provide detailed mock ups for the client to choose. Once the client has approved the final design production can start. Depending on the quantities and materials used a set of awards can take up to 4 weeks to produce. Our in-house team starts by creating the individual elements before assembling the parts to create the finished award. Constant investment within our process and tools allow us to manufacture complex designs using state of the art machines. Each award is individually inspected and polished before being carefully packaged and sent to the venue ahead of the big night.

Awards Night

The awards night truly represents the culmination of, not only our work, but the hard work of the nominees and the company who produces the work. Our awards are just one of the many, many behind the scenes elements that come together to create a spectacular and memorable evening for the guests. Countless hard work from the recipients ultimately is the key ingredient within any event and we’re proud to be able to help them celebrate their achievements in an unforgettable way.


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