Pie and a Pint

A pie and a beer matching experience!

Lasts approx. 1 –1.5 hours

Enjoy a selection of five beers, selected to pair perfectly with five different pies!
A professional beer sommelier will conduct the beer and pie tasting session including instructions on how to taste the beer correctly and savour beer’s distinct aromas and flavours. He will also provide background on the beer’s history, ingredients, brewing method and how it compares with more widespread commercial beers.

Package includes:
•Selection of 5 pies
•Selection of 5 beers
•Packaging and Delivery to UK addresses
•Beer sommelier hosting the class on Zoom

From £95.00 + VAT per person

Pie and a pint2 1 - VIRTUAL EVENTS

Interactive Cooking Class

Lasts approx. 1 hour

In this fun, collaborative activity you can chose from a one hour, 90 minutes or 2 hour class depending on the time available and budget for the event. You will have the option of choosing the menu and you may also chose to have multiple events to accommodate various dietary needs and menu preferences.

These can be run at different times in the day or on different days to work with various dairies or time zones if you have an international team.
Choose from a variety of nutritionally balanced meals across a wide range of cuisines. All the ingredients and full instructions will be delivered straight to each participants door, so it couldn’t be easier.

Celebrity chefs may also be available on request, please note that a celebrity chef would significantly increase the price and availability is limited.

Package includes:
•Fresh ingredients for the recipe delivered to a UK address
•Recipe pack, instruction, and utensil list
•Live cooking demonstration from an experienced chef
From £115.00 + VAT per person

Gift options:
•Wine to be paired with your chosen recipe
•Branded apron
•Recipe book
•Celebrity chefs also available


Comedy Shows

Lasts approx. 20 – 30 minutes

We can source talented comedians and entertainers.
From the worlds of entertainment and comedy, we can help find the right person for your event, covering a wide range of topics including but not limited to the following:


Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will help find the right speaker for your event.

Milton Jones is the wild-haired, deadpan, comedy one-line master. He regularly appears on Mock the Week(BBC2), has appeared on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow(BBC1), Live at the Apollo(BBC1) and he has headlined Dave’s One Night Stand(Dave).

Guide price: £5,000 + VAT for 25 minute set

Gary Delaney is an award-winning stand-up comedian recognised as one of the best one-liner comics in the UK. A regular guest on ‘Mock The Week’.

Guide price: from £4,000 + VAT for 25 minute set

Sara Pascoe is an Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated comedian, writer and actor. Sara played ditsy PR Coco in the hit Olympic sitcom Twenty Twelve and the BBC spoof W1A. Both actor and stand up, she’s also appeared in The Thick Of It, Live At The Apollo and R4’s The Unbelievable Truth. According to The Manchester Evening News, Sara is ‘charming, sharp and silly –a total delight’.

Guide price: from £8,000 + VAT for 25 minute set

Paul Sinha is a Stand-Up Comedian, Presenter and a ‘Chaser’ on ITV1’s ‘The Chase’. Paul is a qualified GP and international stand up comic of many years standing, having performed in all major comedy clubs in the UK, as well as China, Auckland, Singapore, the Middle East, South Africa, Netherlands and Germany.

Guide price: from £2,750 + VAT for 25 minute set

Abandoman – Ireland’s Finest Hip Hop Musical Comedian aka Rob Broderick creates hilarious musical sketches at lightning speed live in front of his audience. No two gigs are ever the same! Winner of the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, Musical Comedy Awards and the Adelaide Fringe Festival “Best Comedy –Newcomer” award, Abandoman creates musical songs and sketches at lightning speed based on audience interaction.

Guide price: from £6,000 + VAT

Ben Hanlin is one of the UK’s leading comedy magicians, best known as the star of the ITV2 hit show ‘Tricked’. Ben can be seen on screen tricking unsuspecting members of the public and shocking various celebrities with his own special brand of cheeky magic, close-up conjuring and mind games in a ‘Candid Camera’ style.

Guide price: from £4,500 + VAT


Gin Tasting

Lasts approx. 1 –1.5 hours

This fun and informal event is designed to allow you to enjoy the diverse spectrum of flavours that gin has to offer. Each selection has been designed to take you on a journey of gin discovery, with the aim of introducing you to a superb array of gins that you may not have encountered before. It promises to be a real celebration of gin!
Each of the specially selected gins will be presented to you with their backstory, botanical make up and tasting notes. An appropriate tonic will be provided to match with each gin.

Package includes:
•Branded Copa Glass, Pen & Stainless Steel Straw
•4x 50ml measures of Gin (a double measure effectively)
•4x 200ml Fever-Tree Tonics (different varieties to complement each specially selected gin)
•A 1-page electronic write-up on each of the gins/distilleries featured
•A dedicated Gin tasting host to run the class on Zoom

From £75.00 + VAT per person


Chocolate Tasting

Lasts approx. 1 hour

For an hour you and your team will be entertained by a charismatic Chocolatier, learn new chocolate skills and make the most delicious fresh cream truffles –all from the comfort of everyone’s kitchen. It’s remote working at its best!
Our Virtual Team Chocolate Challenge is an online, live streamed workshop. Our energetic Chocolatier will challenge your team to work in groups to create the most outrageous, most professional and most crazy-flavoured fresh cream truffles.
Our Chocolatier teaches everyone how to mix their ganache, pipe like a pro and how to dip and decorate their truffles using techniques such as marbling and caging. Everyone will be well on their way to creating wildly fun chocolates that also taste incredible.
For everyone to craft their chocolate truffles, a box of joy will be posted straight to each of your team’s doors. This contains all the scrumptious chocolate and ingredients they’ll need (note, participants will just need to purchase fresh cream) for the virtual activity.

Using the kit, we’ll teach everyone to make our Isolation Truffles:

  • The ‘I’m Losing my Marbles’–a delicious dark chocolate truffle, marbled with milk chocolate and finished off with a dash of white chocolate flakes.
  • The ‘Honey I’m Still at Home’ –an indulgent milk chocolate truffle, with a honeycomb surprise.
  • The ‘I’m Going Coconutty’ –a yummy dark chocolate truffle, rolled in coconut and finished with a sprinkling of raspberry dust.

Package includes:

  • Chocolate ingredient kit
  • Delivery to UK address
  • Chocolatier to host the session on Zoom

From £59.00 + VAT per person

Add ons:

  • Mini bottle of prosecco
  • Upgrade to a Chocolate Martini Making for £12.00pp, class lasts an extra 30 minutes
  • Branded apron
Chocolate Making - VIRTUAL EVENTS

Cocktail Class

Lasts approx. 1 – 1.5 hours

Prior to the event each guest will receive a package containing all of the equipment and ingredients needed for the class. The ingredients provided are all high quality spirits, liqueurs, syrups, juices and fresh fruits and garnishes. There is enough to create 2 servings of each drink. A pre-batched seasonal reception cocktail is also included to enjoy during the introduction at the start of the class.

Make a Variety of Cocktails
Once everybody has set themselves up, your host will take you through each drink one by one whilst guests attempt to recreate them as closely as possible before drinking. In between each cocktail, your host will go around each participant to get feedback on how their creation went.

To round off your class, each bar will then be pitted against the rest and given 8 minutes to produce their very own cocktail creation, using the ‘mystery ingredients’ we include in your pack as well as any garnish you can find around your house.

Gift options:

  • Cocktail glass
  • Apron
  • Cocktail recipe book

Package includes:

  • Cocktail Class Equipment
  • Ingredients Pack, including garnish
  • Pre-made reception cocktail to enjoy during the class
  • Ingredients to make two cocktails
  • Mixologist hosting the class on Zoom
  • UK Delivery

From £85.00 + VAT per person

Cocktail Class - VIRTUAL EVENTS

Cheese & Wine Tasting

Lasts approx. 1 hour

Enjoy a fun and informative wine and cheese tasting with an experienced sommelier. A case of 3 wines would be sent out to each guest and your host will focus on how to identify and taste acidity, ripeness, oak ageing, tannin and understand what we like about a wine and what we don’t and why.

We can also arrange for cheeses to be delivered the day before the tasting for all guests to enjoy and pair with the wines.

Package includes:
•3x 750ml bottles of wine
•3x different cheeses
•Professional host to guide you through the tasting
•Tasting notes

From £85.00 + VAT per person

Additional Gift options:
•Wine coaster
•Cheese board/knife
•Bottle opener

Cheese and wine scaled - VIRTUAL EVENTS

Virtual Conference Production

Hosting a virtual event requires the same level of care and attention as an in-person event and our team are here to support you through this process and collaborate with you to create an exciting and impactful event.

  • Our experience and expertise will ensure your video content is delivered at broadcast quality, with crisp clear sound and engaging graphics
  • Your event host and remote speakers will be connected to a dedicated team in a broadcast studio available to guide through the process
  • We will have a virtual ‘green room’ set up for your speakers, enabling us and a member of your team to receive your speakers ‘off-air’; from where they will be guided through to the appropriate room to deliver their talk
  • The chosen stream platform will host the main video streams; each will feature its own Q&A and polls. Your event hosts will receive moderated questions and pose these to your speakers
  • Your attendees will view the stream content on your chosen event platform, where everything will be accessed from one site. This will include a secure log in system so only invited guests are able to access the event. In terms of interactivity, it is also possible to invite your audience members to submit questions in advance; we can then bring them in to ask their questions live on stream.
  • A 360 event service will be provided incorporating a audience registrations, live chat, graphic design and project management
Virtual Conference Production 22 - VIRTUAL EVENTS

Delegate Packs:
Sending packs to delegates adds a personal touch and allows the guests to get involved from the comfort of their own home. Your choice of items will set the tone for the event and serve as a memorable reminder of the upcoming event in addition to an email or calendar invitation. Some possible items may include:

  • Refreshment break items –Selection of tea, coffee, cakes, brownies
  • Stationary –branded notebooks, pens
  • Water bottles –branded bottle in your corporate colour
  • Pair of headphones or alternative gift –to use during the conference or to act as an incentive gift for attending

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