The Benefits of a Mobile App For Your Event

Effective Business Events Blog   •   16th January 2019

conference app - The Benefits of a Mobile App For Your Event

The Benefits

There are many benefits of a mobile App for your event. Mobile apps for events have become increasingly popular over the past few years as a modern way to communicate to customers and attendees at events. It also allows companies to be more eco-friendly at a time when environmental issues are under close scrutiny.

Rather than carrying around bags containing heavy brochures, paper booklets and information, attendees can download an event app in advance and conduct research and plan their time prior to the event plus have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Mobile apps for events can be branded to match your corporate identity including the logo, event images and range of fonts. These days, everyone has a mobile phone with them at all times and an event app means that you can contact them at any time making it easy to communicate, with the GDPR side of things taken care of.

No matter what type of event you are arranging, the app can include a detailed itinerary which includes times, locations and events and add the parts they are interested in to their own itinerary which links to their diary. They can also message people and arrange meetings and interviews, which also link to their diary.

Depending upon the type and location of event, city maps can be created placing pins on various locations including restaurants, tours, shops etc which link back to your personal itinerary. Changes can be made throughout an event to update timings, locations etc for an agenda.

If you have sponsors for an event, their information and links can easily be added and they will pay for their sponsorship which will pay for a large part of the app cost.

You can set live polls and surveys so there are no delays in getting responses from people for their feedback.

Why are they so popular?

Other benefits of a mobile App for your event include the ability to choose your own level of security. For smaller events such as travel incentive trips to reward staff, you will only want the invitees to download the app so that all the information can be confidential. An branded email invitation can be sent to the employees so that only they can download the app. For larger or public events, you can market your app and encourage many people as possible to download it from the app store.

Attendees have everything they need at their fingertips and if they have a question it’s easy for them to contact you. They can look at maps and manage their agenda and be set reminders and receive updates for any last-minute changes.

By using the Q&A tools, delegates can be given personalised responses to their questions. This can include live Q&A sessions meaning there are no delays while microphones are passed around.

The mobile app encourages people to be social by uploading pictures to the social wall and social media platforms, self-promoting your company or event (free of charge!) and send messages to each other.

By sending push notifications to certain groups, or all your guests, you can keep to-to-date with last minute changes and reminders. Even post-event, notes can be added to be downloaded and customer surveys can be added with the responses easily downloaded.

As far as budgeting is concerned, like with any product, the more apps your “buy” and the longer the term you sign a contract for, the more cost-effective they become.

Benefits to the environment

With a comprehensive mobile app available on a phone or tablet, it replaces the need to design and print agendas, booklets, itineraries, programmes, questionnaires and many other printed materials. This saves paper and also reduces time and printing costs, saving you money.

Who can use an event mobile app?

Companies holding corporate events, event agencies and generally any event can benefit from a mobile apps for their event including conferences, exhibitions, festivals and  travel incentives with packed itineraries.

Even smaller social groups such as musical groups, dance classes and football/sports clubs find them an invaluable way to communicate and personalise their itineraries with maps of where shows, matches etc. are taking place, the dates, times and profiles of their members.

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