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The Brief

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In 2007 the Chevron executive committee approved a $1.8Bn investment in the Pascagoula Base Oil Plant to produce Group II base oils. When it started up in October 2013, Chevron became the world’s largest producer of premium base oils. This enabled Chevron to capitalize on the global move to tighter specifications for cleaner burning more fuel-efficient vehicles.

We were briefed to launch the new Base Oil Plant in spectacular style at a unique venue to a targeted European audience, ensuring brand reinforcement and first class guest experience.

Scope Of Services

  • We choose an evening during the World Base Oils conference in London for the event
  • Targeted 280 guests to attend
  • Exclusively hired Aqua Shard and View from the Shard . The Shard was a dominant, new, iconic structure and world renowned design and feat of engineering, much like the Pascagoula Oil Plant, fitting the brand and objectives perfectly.
  • Branded shuttle transfers for all guests from their hotel with exclusive drop off zone
  • Branded and exclusive floor of the Shard using Aqua Shard restaurant
  • Full reception, with carefully chosen finger buffet and champagne
  • Rolling A/V presentation, links and speeches for the assembled audience to enjoy
  • Exclusive transfers via branded and video enabled lifts to the 68th-72nd floors at View from the Shard
  • Desserts and drinks served at the viewing platform level of View from the Shard
  • Cheese station with coffee to close the exclusive VIP evening
  • Gift and memento to take home for all guests as a souvenir of the evening
  • An exclusive and secure Photo website for all guests to use and download photographs
  • Full event management and production throughout
Event Management
Exclusive Event Venue
Team Building Experience


The Shard had only recently opened and therefore it was the first time the majority of the guests had visited. They were all extremely impressed with the exclusive hire, attention to detail, stunning views and gift . Overall it was a huge success with many of the guests saying it was the best industry event they had ever attended.

“I can’t thank you enough for working with us to make this a really unforgettable event. The expectations within Chevron were huge, but I think that we managed to surpass them, which I am delighted with and would have been impossible without the help of you and your team. I also received lots of amazing feedback from guests about the service during the evening. The highlight, of course, was the clever way that you combined both spaces with the dedicated lifts to take guests to the top floors for the viewing. Real Wow! factor and a brilliant surprise, that none of them were expecting. The depth of preparation and planning was obviously evident to all our guests, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to the next time!”
Marketing Director, Chevron

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